"Just when the catepillar
thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly."

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Keep coming back! Wednesday, April 25, 2006
The following poem is a true story, and explains the name of this site. My life is full and rich now,
but it did not always seem that way.

1 Kind Thing

I stood there,
Knowing the job would be long and hard.
"I am a failure",
I said out loud.
"I cannot keep a job;
Cannot take care of myself;
Cannot keep a roof over my head.
And I really suck at relationships.
I know I have had a rough life,
but still...
Why do I have to lose,
at everything I try?
Why does it just seem easier,
if I should just simply die?
My battered spirit aches,
and my hearts continually breaks.
What did I do so wrong?
Will it be like this, my whole life long?
They say I'm smart,
and I've got this high IQ.
So, what's a smart loser supposed to do?"
Ready to totally deconstruct me,
And let the counselor help reconstruct me;
My list of all my wrongs
was very, very long.
I knew this would take time and pain,
And maybe go on,
and on,
and on.
So, I told her every thing wrong with me,
and with my head.
I remembered every bad thing about me,
they ever had said...
I figured I said it all
and when I was done,
my eyes welling with tears.
I sat, wondering,
"How will we ever conquer all my fears?"
Then she spoke to me,
"Tell me again little one.
Just how old are you?"
I lifted my chin,
and said,
"I'm 18 years old and supposed to be a grownup!"
Then with one revelation,
she forver changed my life,
in just under an hour.
She simply said this;
"You seem very young to me,
to be such a failure."
Then she blessed me with these words,
"If you can come to me on your dying day,
and tell me you have never done one kind thing,
if you have never helped another,
if you have never finished a job,
if you have never loved another,
if you never put someone else, before you,
then on that day,
you can tell me your were a failure."
As simply as that;
I learned, each day when I go to sleep,
I may not be a great success;
And I may not have the world by the tail,
But if I have done one kind thing today,
I certainly am no failure!
Copyright, 2006, J. D. Coss

"There was a child went forth every day, and the first object he looked upon and recieved with wonder or pity or love or dread, that object he became... And that object became part of him for the day... or for many years or stretching cycles of years." Walt Whitman

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